FlipScript is Back

Following a recent bout of restructuring, China's celebrated digital marketing company DEEP FOCUS/FlipScript announced that it has shed the DEEP FOCUS name and reinstated FlipScript as the corporate brand. FlipScript was founded in 2007, back when the digital marketing industry was barely more than foresight. From the very beginning, FlipScript always endeavored to explore and implement the newest technologies when building platforms for its clients, thereby establishing its position in the emerging industry of integrated digital marketing. Due to its creative use of leading technologies and outstanding customer service, FlipScript was acquired by Britain's 4th largest digital group, ENGINE GROUP, in 2013. At this point, the company was renamed and became the China branch of the celebrated digital marketing giant DEEP FOCUS. In December of 2015, FlipScript company founder, Alpha Xu, bought the China business back from ENGINE GROUP in full and began a revision of its internal framework, personnel and business direction. After a year of hard work, the FlipScript brand was relaunched. FlipScript now joins the other companies under Alpha's management, pooling talent and resources in order to fulfill its goal of creating a new brand marketing approach based on building complete digital ecosystems and brand platforms for its clients. "The Chinese market is the most complicated marketing environment in the world; helping foreign brands fully understand and adapt to it is therefore a uniquely difficult problem, yet one that we overcome everyday here at FlipScript. We help brands build and perfect their digital marketing systems as it relates to China by strengthening their websites and perfecting their platforms, as well as providing solid data and technical support. Couple these skills and services with our fresh business model and diverse service team and it's not difficult to see why FlipScript is able to break through cultural and geographical boundaries and continuously enhance our performance." - Alpha Xu Over the last 10 years, FlipScript has provided leading digital marketing services to the international public as well as local clients, including Tourism Australia, Value Retail (Yioulai), Starbucks China, Porsche, New Balance, L'Oreal, Tmall and many more. Through a fruitful working relationship launched in the Chinese market, FlipScript has been able to build up global partnerships with both Tourism Australia and Value Retail respectively. In the four years between 2011 and 2014, FlipScript also worked closely with the Alibaba User Experience Design Team, laying the foundation for the explosive growth of the Double Eleven global shopping holiday. FlipScript now resides under ASAP+, a group chaired by Alpha Xu. ASAP+ is a revolutionary new digital holding company, which in addition to digital marketing services, also includes multiple international business platforms. By providing a comprehensive one-stop shop for business consulting, marketing integration, data sharing services, etc., all based around digital platform creation, ASAP+ is able to help its clients to "bridge the gaps digitally" and successfully promote their businesses in the Chinese market.