How do you enhance experience for a first-choice shopping destination?


Value Retail’s luxury outlet Villages are world leading shopping destinations throughout Europe and China, with the highest sales densities worldwide. With Value Retail’s flagship Bicester Village the second most visited destination in the UK amongst Chinese travellers, how can you enhance the end-to-end experience in a way that resonates with a Chinese audience?


Working closely with Value Retail, we established a digital ecosystem for Bicester Village in China from the ground up. By identifying every step along the customer journey, from holiday planning to visiting the Village, to ensure a seamless multichannel experience for Chinese travellers.


We kicked off by building their official website, all hosted behind the firewall for the Chinese target audience and launching their official WeChat and Weibo accounts. These platforms display a cohesive selection of travel tips; Bicester Village events; boutique openings; style guides etc. to highlight the Village as a must-visit destination for Chinese visitors. To further develop Bicester Village’s digital ecosystem in China, we partnered with Chinese travel platforms, such as Qyer, to increase the exposure of the Village. With the launch of the 2017 Summer Campaign, we simultaneously collaborated with a number of social influencers to develop richly detailed travel logs, whilst setting up a user-friendly booking system to better facilitate guests’ transport to the Village.


In order to enhance the end-to-end experience of Chinese guests visiting Bicester Village, we went about obtaining valuable customer insights through in-depth market research that observed a Chinese guest’s experience in the Village, from pre-travel, to returning home. Through assessing each stage along the customer journey, we helped identify opportunities and provide digital solutions to attract more guests to the Village and enhance their overall experience.


Since launching in January 2017, we have helped to optimise Bicester Village’s digital ecosystem for outbound Chinese travelers by providing digital strategies, consulting and solutions across every touch point of the user journey.