How do you introduce a new product in a rapidly changing beverage market?


Starbucks asked us to help them launch their new product, Double Shot (an espresso drink), in the Chinese market.

While Starbucks itself needs no introduction, the challenge came in that espresso as a beverage is not something commonly consumed or known about in China.


We wanted to show our target audience of entry level white-collar workers that we appreciate their long nights at the office and dedication to getting the job done. Moreover, we wanted to offer them a way to “charge their batteries” with Starbucks Double Shot, a drink that gives them energy all day long, and well into overtime.


We used gamification to drive ecommerce and show that Double Shot is there to get Starbucks’s consumers through whatever the office throws at them. Users were challenged to four mini-games, which they needed to pass in order to fill up their battery and switch their energy from “off” to “on”. Users who were able to successfully charge their battery were directed to e-commerce platforms, where they were given a discount code for Double Shot products.


  • 1Million

    Almost 1 million H5 visits during the promotional period with the key index being better than the market average.
  • 149,113,595

    Total impressions, based a combination of media mixes like KOLs, Qdaily, Hero App and etc.