How do you introduce America’s premier airline to a new travellers market?


Delta Air Lines, an iconic American airline with a focus on business and premium leisure travel, asked ASAP+ to assist with the further development of their social media activities for the Mainland China market.


For Chinese consumers’ business never stops; the line between life and work is blurred or indistinct. This is why we needed to convey the idea that traveling to the U.S. is a way of finding oneself and enjoying the freedom of luxury leisure. ASAP+ expanded upon the global brand platform “Changing Your World One Flight At A Time” and brought out the uniqueness of Delta.


In 2017, ASAP+ launched the messaging function for Delta Air Lines’ Official WeChat Account, while simultaneously establishing an international content calendar that leveraged Chinese holidays, peak travel periods, viral campaigns, e-commerce events, and Delta’s branded PR to better engage with Chinese audiences. Inclusive in the viral campaigns is what we did in celebration of Delta Air Lines’ 88th anniversary. For this occasion, we created an online promotional campaign featuring discounted airline tickets alongside fun and creative Chinese copywriting. The campaign allowed Delta Air Lines to share their milestone with their followers and drive traffic to their booking pages.


Since partnering with Delta Air Lines, ASAP+ has provided the strategic direction and management of the brand’s Chinese digital ecosystem, effectively communicating the brand’s heritage and product offerings, while increasing their WeChat follower base.