ASAP+ Speaks At Adobe Symposium

ASAP+ was pleased to not only attend, but to also have a presenting role at the Adobe Symposium this year in Sydney, Australia. The conference gathered together both digital and business leaders to share their expertise on how to become global experience makers.The speakers varied but the message was the same: consumers purchase experiences not products. 


Some of the highlights at the conference were: 


Cindy Gallop, Brand Reinvention Consultant and one of the top global 100 influential women of marketing spoke on the kinds of experiences needed to propel a business forward. She listed six values needed to do this. 

1.    Communication through Demonstration 

2.    Blue Sky-it: project where you want to be in 5 years

3.    Trust: trust in the people you work with  

4.    Shared Valued + Shared Action = Shared Profit 

5.    Humanize Data: it’s not about diversity it’s about humanity


Adobe themselves presented the latest products in their creative and experience cloud. One of top demos included the future of retail via VR experience. On display was a mock-up of a consumer’s kitchen where a user could shop virtually in their own home. Adobe partnered with Woolworth’s Supermarket to bring this experience to life. This can be seen in the pictures below where a woman was adding broccoli to her cart and placing her order online, all through the magic of VR.


Marc Robinson, the CEO of Stackchat, an AI-driven chatbot platform that provides customer experiences on the world’s largest messaging services, addressed humanizing the digital experience with AI and Personalization by introducing the ways his product provides an engaging chat-based customer experience using AI. At his booth, Stackchat worked with Tesla and Amazon’s Alexa to demonstrate how AI has the ability to become integrated in every aspect of the traveler’s experience. 


Lastly, Dave Rumsey, ASAP+’s Global CEO led the discussion on what the rise of the Chinese digital economy means for Australia. Rumsey believes that understanding the mindset of Chinese consumers is the key to the China market. He claims that “China is mobile first, [and that] they have completely adopted digital payments as a natural part of their lives”. Rumsey’s advice for marketers and brands is to use simple ways to remove the friction across their users’ digital journey. He thinks that brands and marketers can do this if they start to accept Chinese payments (WeChat, Alipay, etc.), be on their platforms (Douyin, Weibo, etc.) and to talk to them (develop a direct relationship with the consumer). 


is a digital based agency with offices in Shanghai, Sydney and London we believe that the greatest brands have no borders and we celebrate the brands who operate with this vision in mind. We lookforward to connecting with those we met at the conference and are excited for next year’s Symposium.