Targeted Marketing, Localised Experiences

Global CEO of ASAP+, Dave Rumsey, was recently interviewed by Campaign Asia regarding ASAP+’s ambition to be a well-rounded digital servicing company, brand consistency and the future of 'mini programs' in China. Here is a tidbit of the article below:


'Eight years ago, cash payment was still king in China. Now you’re more likely to see digital-savvy consumers whipping out their Alipay or WeChat Pay app on their smartphones than digging into their coin purse when paying for a meal or a pair of sneakers. In 2018, smartphone ownership in China reached 96%, six percent higher than the global average ownership. “This generation of Chinese consumers grew up in the digital age. They have never experienced a world without smartphones. Digital payment and social e-commerce are second nature to them,” says Dave Rumsey, global CEO of ASAP+, a digital agency headquartered in Shanghai and has offices in Sydney and London. When it comes to digital, Rumsey says that brands need to think beyond pushing a few messages on WeChat or Weibo, to integrating into China’s digital ecosystem. “Appealing to and building a genuine connection with China’s new wave of digitally-savvy consumers is a challenge that agency ASAP+ welcomes…”'

To read the entire article, please visit Campaign Asia's official website, here.