ASAP+ Wins Digital Marketing Contract for Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino in China

ASAP+, will be working with Starbucks to promote their Bottled Frappuccino beverages through digital channels in Mainland China as the yearly digital agency.

After a series of success in collaborating with Starbucks’ internal Digital Production Team to help Starbucks China build a new website and APP, as well as create communication campaigns and backend technical solutions for the Chinese market from 2013 to 2016,the two companies will be working hand in hand on the project, further developing their relationship across various channels, which is regarded as the largest in a string of recent collaborations.In September of 2016, Starbucks introduced exclusive “Chinese Flavor” Bottled Frappuccino to help consumers enjoy their favorite drinks regardless of their proximity to a Starbucks retail location. ASAP+ will base their creative strategy around the brand concept of “wishful thinking opens hearts” to market this new product to Chinese consumers.The agency will provide a complete set of digital marketing solutions, including consumer insights, creative executions, communication channel expansion, social media engagement and new technology applications in the hope that a superior digital experience will educate consumers about the Bottled Frappuccino product line while boosting consumption.