Industry Insights | China Marketing Seminar: WeChat Masterclass


On July 31st, 2019, Cherry Fung, Head of Client Services—Australia, was invited to share at the Luxury Network hosted quarterly seminar, with the topic of: “Chinese Marketing Seminar: WeChat Masterclass”. The key topic of the seminar was a basic overview of WeChat and aimed to provide a general background and prospects of WeChat as a business and marketing platform in China. Fung presented valuable insights and case studies on behalf of ASAP+ focusing on the luxury and tourism sectors. 


In order to go one step further, Fung chose to share case studies dealing with WeChat-specific functionalities, such as H5 pages and mini-programs. Fung shared four key case studies:

  1. Forevermark Diamond Social Commerce

  2. Aston Martin Activation

  3. Van Cleef & Arpels Experience

  4. Tourism Queensland Commerce & Experience


Forevermark Diamond Social Commerce highlighted the implementation of an H5 based campaign selling limited edition accessories containing renowned Forevermark diamonds. Note that the price point of these necklaces started at AUD888 and ranged up to AUD38,888. More and more users are willing to spend large amounts of money via WeChat.


Aston Martin similarly used a mini-program to drive traffic online to offline, specifically directly into AM dealerships. This form of WeChat marketing generated leads 4x the number of organic leads.


Van Cleef & Arpels implemented a gamified H5 where exhibition goers could scan a QR code and immediately receive access to the H5 audio guide. In essence, it was put in place to enhance the whole on-site experience and make the exhibition more engaging. At the end of the audio guide, users were tested to accurately guess the specific years pieces of jewelry were historically present. Five winning users were awarded (1) free ticket to an exhibition and 100 winning users were awarded (1) VCA file folder.


On the same note, Tourism Queensland created a “City Experience Mini-Program”, a one-stop, 24/7 contact point providing a direct and on-the-go interaction model, along with real-time and geolocation assistance for travelers.



After the seminar had concluded, Fung answered any related questions and inquiries, sharing further insights and knowledge to those looking to go further in-depth with WeChat.


ASAP+ would like to thank The Luxury Network for hosting this seminar and sharing opportunity. We look forward to future collaborations and staying connected.


If your business is interested in entering the Chinese market, full-service digital marketing agency, ASAP+, can provide expertise and experience on marketing with WeChat in China. Please get in touch for further information at