Value Retail Europe Calls on ASAP+ for Digital Ecosystem Expansion

After serving as Value Retail's digital marketing partner for Shanghai Village and Suzhou Village for over a year, ASAP+ has taken the next step in deepening its ties with Value Retail Europe. With professional insights and extensive experience in destination marketing, tourism and retail sectors' digital operations, ASAP+ will partner with Value Retail Europe to expand the overall digital ecosystem of Value Retail's nine European villages' promotional activities in China and provide an unparalleled digital experience for Value Retail's Chinese consumers.

While the 'Value Retail' brand may not be well known to most Chinese consumers, the group is behind some of the world's most renowned shopping villages, including Bicester Village near London and La Vallee outside Paris. Due to increasing levels of outbound Chinese travelers, in recent years more and more shopping destinations are beginning to tailor their services and brand communications to better suit Chinese tastes. Staying on top of the mounting competition among shopping destinations has become a key challenge for Value Retail in moving forward.Chinese consumers, particularly those interested in visiting global shopping destinations and having international experiences, are a primarily young, digitally-savvy consumer group. Their daily lives revolve around a wide variety of digital platforms. Therefore, regardless of marketing strategy or method, digital expertise must underpin all successful promotional activities. Considering this consumer base, Value Retail put digital at the very core of their launch plans for Shanghai Village. With ASAP+ serving as a full-service digital marketing partner, both Shanghai Village and Suzhou Village were able to combine revamped websites, social media channels, third party platform partnerships, offline shopping experiences and events, membership account services and CRM activities all under a common digital ecosystem.This unique strategy allowed Value Retail China's shopping villages to quickly distinguish themselves from downtown shopping malls and suburban discount stores alike by establishing clear market segmentation. By establishing their own market positioning and leveraging key market insights into their rising customer base, Value Retail China quickly began seeing the results across both Chinese villages.It was on this basis that Value Retail chose to expand their marketing activities for their European villages into the Chinese market. By continuing to partner with ASAP+, the remaining nine European shopping villages, including Bicester Village, will establish a similar digital ecosystem, with the goal of increasing awareness and driving Chinese outbound travelers to each of Value Retail's nine European shopping destinations.In addition to previous digital activities, – webpage architecture, social media operations and third-party partnerships – the future is likely to hold increased online activities, offline experiences and partnership opportunities.